The CHEEBAB™ is available!

The world's first real vegetarian cheese kebab is now available. It took master cheesemaker Roland Rüegg more than a year to develop the CHEEBAB to perfection. The CHEEBAB does not melt, but becomes wonderfully crispy when prepared on the ordinary rotisserie grill. Animal rennet is usually used in the production of cheese. This is needed to start the precipitation of the milk protein which turns the liquid milk into a solid cheese. However, in the CHEEBAB we do not use animal rennet, but only vegetable rennet. This makes the CHEEBAB completely a vegetarian product.

The CHEEBAB also scores high on the nutrition chart for its high protein content. It's made exclusively from high-quality Swiss cow's milk. It contains no preservatives and has a shelf life of at least six months. Tradition, craftsmanship and innovation are sustainably combined.

And by the way – the CHEEBAB tastes fantastic! But see for yourself.

Cheebab served as a sandwich wrap


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